The Faculty of Education in METU is the most recent faculty of our university, that was established in 1982, with the aims of training prospective teachers to educate future generations of our nation, conduct research in the educational field and provide education to the public. However, although the Faculty of Education was established in 1982 with the Higher Education Council (YÖK), the forming and employment of it was instituted further before. At METU, in September 1959, the School of Education was established (see METU catalog 1959-1960) and in the "History of Middle East Technical University" titled section, the statement "...Progress continues. Next autumn for instance, it is planned to open a School of Education as well as to expand the existing school" (p.16) is present. In the catalog, Mithat Enç's name is displayed under the title of vice dean. In the 1959-1960 METU catalog, it was indicated that any student candidate who wished to study in the Faculty of Education, could start their education at the Faculty of Arts and Science, and that after they completed their education in this faculty, the Faculty of Education would be inaugurated and that they could continue their vocational education there. At the same time, for the Faculty of Education, it was seen fit for the initiation of postgraduate studies, and the completion of basic education for chemistry, English, mathematics, phycology and physics was determined.

In the catalog of METU 1961-1962, it is stated that the Faculty of Education was not yet fully functional, and that a Department of Education existed within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FEF), and that Turhan Oğuzkan, who had previously served as the Vice President, was the Head of that Department. During those years, it is seen that the Department of Education within the Faculty of Arts and Science oversaw a "Teaching certificate" program that provided teaching certificates to the graduates of physics, chemistry, mathematics, sociology and psychology departments. Furthermore, in 1963-1964, Kemal Özinönü joined the academic staff of the department and in 1965-1966 he became the Head of Department. In the second half of the 1960s, the Teaching Certificate program was enriched by the provision of elective courses and, moreover, additional education courses were provided.

The Department of Education, which had been offering teaching certificate courses and elective courses, opened its first undergraduate programs in 1974 to educate its students, whom were accepted to five different programs (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and social studies education). The Head of Department of that time, Prof. Dr. Kemal Özinönü, pioneered the development of educational sciences. The first undergraduate program was started in 1974 and its first graduates were awarded in 1979.

In 1982, Faculties of Education were established within universities by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) in order to train teachers for secondary schools. The first staff of the Faculty of Education at METU was formed by academic staff from the FEF Education Department and the Liberal Arts Department. The first dean of this department, Dr. Ahmet Edip Uysal (1982-1989), was from the Faculty of Languages, Geography and History of Ankara University. The following Deans were respectively: Kemal Güçlüol (1989-1992), Ersin Yurtsever (1992-1995), Barbaros Günçer (1995-1998), Doğan Alpsan (1998-2001), Meral Aksu (2001-2010), M.Yaşar Özden ( 2010-2013), Gölge Seferoğlu (2013-2017), Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün (2017-2021) and Behiye Ubuz (2021-present day)

The first departments that were opened under the METU Faculty of Education are the Department of Educational Sciences (undergraduate and psychological counseling undergraduate program), Department of Science Education (undergraduate programs in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics teaching) and the Department of Foreign Language Education (Bachelor of English Language Teaching). These departments had one undergraduate program, and connected to each of these programs and the appropriate institutes, there was at least one postgraduate program. Later on, as the Department of Physical Education and Sports, which was previously established under the Rectorate, joined the Faculty. There was in total 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 14 assistant professors, 10 lecturers and 15 research assistants who conducted academic studies. In 1995, under the Department of Science Education, an undergraduate program of Instructional technologies was founded.

In 1998, with the restructuring of the Faculties of Education, the Departments of Primary School Education and Computer Education and Instructional Technologies were founded in addition to the departments mentioned above, and the former Science Education Department was restructured as Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education.

According to the decision of the Council of Higher Education dated 15.07.2016, and numbered 8244403-299-2528-42497, Faculties of Education were academically restructured. In the METU Faculty of Education There are 6 departments which are Computer and Instructional Technology Education (BÖTE), Foreign Language Education (YDE), Basic Education (TEB), Mathematics and Science Education (MFAEB), Physical Education and Sports (BES) and Education Sciences (EB) and 9 undergraduate programs. Out of these departments, in the BES and EB Departments, only graduate programs are carried out. In these programs, 1346 pre-service undergraduate students were studying in the 2020-2021 academic year. The basic aim of all undergraduate programs is to teach students to do research, to interpret the results of research, to be creative, to solve problems and to learn, to communicate effectively with students, to prepare students for rich learning environments, to be able to use instructional technologies, be a role model, to follow the national and international developments in the field, to be able to benefit from resources, to increase the quality of education and to train teachers to protect the basic principles of the Republic.

14 graduate and 13 doctoral programs are carried out in different fields of education at METU. In these programs, we have approximately 728 (excluding preparatory school) students, of which 371 are graduate and 357 are PhD students. In addition to it, our university is in cooperation with the Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Science and Informatics. Researchers, academicians, and specialists are trained to be individuals who can conduct interdisciplinary studies. Furthermore, our faculty hosts many national and international meetings, in which we gather field experts and discuss current issues.

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