METU Faculty of Education takes the responsibility of preparing teachers who protect the basic principles of the Republic for the profession. In order to improve the quality of education, It trains teachers, researchers, academics and experts who prioritize service to society who, are entrepreneurs, can use technology at the highest level, can carry out interdisciplinary studies, can conduct basic and applied scientific researches in the field at national and international level, will lead the formation of education policies and contribute to the development of the institutions and organizations they work with. 


In addition to increasing the scientific research and educational activities at international standards by developing the infrastructure that brings the future education leaders to the society, METU Faculty of Education; It will be egalitarian, adaptable to change, innovative, able to turn threats into opportunities, sensitive to the problems of the country, aiming to serve the society, leading in producing and sharing effective service, and will be the first address that comes to mind in the field of education throughout the country.

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22/06/2022 - 09:59